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Hello, we meet again on the third part, this part is a continuation of part 1 and part 2. I suggest for you guys to read the previous parts, before you read this part 😃.

In this section we will talk about other ways to improve our API, but interestingly, it is different as before, we will not use other dependencies like postgresql or redis, we will maximize our code flow.

Wow, hold on, I know you must be thinking there are lots of ways to maximize code flow to improve the API. Yes, I know, but we only covered…

Hello, we meet again on the second part, this part is a continuation of part 1, so if there are some code or information that you are missing, it would be better if you read part one first (I would rather suggest this..hahaha).

So, in this part we will discuss another thing (beside indexing database)that can improve our endpoint, and like the previous part, we will test it, so we know how this thing can be improved our endpoint. On this part we want to improve our endpoint using caching by redis. …

Are you a person who worked at a company as a back end engineer?, or a freelance worker? or student who has project from client?, if yes, maybe this article will helpful for you.

This article will explain one of thing that we can improve from our API. Please take a note, the API referred in this article is an API which directly connected to the database (DB) to get some data. …


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